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Oral Surgery

Oral Masses:

The oral cavity is a common place to find masses. These masses or growths may be benign or malignant and should be evaluated as soon as they are noticed. Many times theses masses are not found until the pet is bleeding from the mouth or the owner has noticed a strong smell from the mouth.

It is optimal to work in your pet’s mouth on a regular basis so that any abnormalities can be found early.

Jaw Fractures:

The most common cause of jaw fractures in dogs and cats are trauma. These fractures can occur from dog fights, advanced periodontal disease, falling from heights, and vehicular traumas (hit by car). Though some of these an be severe, in dentistry we use small wires and acrylics to fix the fractures. This is safer for maintaining the vitality of the teeth compared to other methods of fixation.

The most important goal in fracture fixation is that the pet have a comfortable and functional occlusion (bite) during and after healing so that the pet can eat, groom and resume their regular activities once completely healed.