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Dogs can be hard on their teeth! They often times can fracture them by chewing on hard objects or from trauma. At other times, they can cause damage and wear the enamel and/or dentin on their teeth from doing a repetitive motion (like biting a metal cage when they are kenneled). In some instances to make the tooth stronger, since it has lost some of its integrity from enamel and or dentin loss, a crown can be placed. Crowns can be fabricated from titanium (which is silver in color) or zirconia (which is tooth colored). Crowns may also be recommended after performing a root canal therapy to better keep bacteria from leaking into the root canal site and to add strength to the compromised tooth structure.

In order to create a crown for a pet: this utilizes 2 visits under anesthesia. The first visit is where the tooth will be prepared for the crown and stone models and impressions are made to send to the lab for the crown to be fabricated. It takes about 2 weeks for the fabricated crown to be returned to Upstate Veterinary Specialists, and a second short anesthesia for the crown cementation onto the tooth.