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Upstate Veterinary Specialists Mobile Surgery

Mobile surgery

Upstate Veterinary Specialists has partnered with some of our local veterinarians to provide an extension of their surgery services to include advanced surgical procedures. We realize that there will be many questions and concerns, and we hope that the information below will give you some peace of mind as well as a better understanding of the procedures and surgical process.

As with any mobile service, mobile surgery may not be the right fit for every family veterinary practice, as many specialty surgical procedures require additional equipment and/or space that the practice may not be able to provide.

Who performs the surgery?

A board-certified surgeon from Upstate Veterinary Specialists will perform your pet’s surgery. A veterinary technician from UVS will be assisting our surgeon throughout the procedure. Visit acvs.org to learn more about board-certified surgeons.

Who will perform and monitor my pet’s anesthesia?

Your family veterinarian’s team will administer the anesthesia and closely monitor your pet. Medications will also be given to keep your pet comfortable.

What are the risks with surgery and anesthesia?

Unfortunately, surgery and anesthesia are not without risk, and your family veterinarian will discuss these with you.

Will my pet be shaved?

A significant amount of hair will need to be shaved around the surgical site to maintain sterility and minimize the risk for infection.

Will my pet have a bandage and an e-collar?

Your pet will wear a bandage to protect the surgical site after surgery, but it will typically be removed before going home. It is important that your pet wears an e-collar to prevent them from licking the incision until it has completely healed.

How do I prepare for my pet coming home?

You will receive comprehensive instructions on how to care for your pet after surgery. Please be aware that your pet will need to be confined during the healing process. Your pet will also need to be on a leash when outside.

When will my pet come home?

Your veterinarian will determine the best time for your pet to come home.

Will my pet have follow-up examinations?

Yes. The follow-up examination schedule will be outlined in your pet’s postoperative instructions and will be completed by your family veterinarian. However, if you have any questions about your pet’s progress between examinations, please call your family veterinarian or Upstate Veterinary Specialists at (864) 233-7650.

Please visit our common mobile surgical procedures page for more detailed information on the procedures themselves. If you do not see your pet’s procedure listed, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

For our family veterinarians:
Additional information on scheduling availability and referral forms are provided through our DVM Portal under “Our Place or Yours?

Important Information

Please withhold food after 10 pm the night before surgery. You may still provide your pet with water.

Please speak with your veterinarian if your pet has a medical reason, such as diabetes, that would require them to be fed or receive medications the morning of surgery.

Be sure to bring any medications with you that your pet is currently taking.