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Neurological CT ImageWe routinely perform many types of neurosurgical procedures at our Greenville hospital. The use of special imaging techniques is a vital part of the diagnosis and treatment of most neurological problems. CT scanning, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and myelography (x-rays of the spine with contrast agents outlining the spinal cord) help us to diagnose your pet’s problem and to determine if surgery is indicated. The most common neurological problem we treat is intervertebral disc herniation. If these patients are seen early in the course of their disease, the long term outlook is very good in most cases.


Important Information

All neurological consultations are scheduled at our Greenville location. Your pet's procedure may or may not be performed on the initial day of your consultation, depending on whether or not additional tests are recommended prior to the procedure. We recommend that you do not feed your pet after 10 pm the night before the appointment in case anesthesia or sedation is required. Water can be given up until the time before your appointment