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Veterinary ophthalmology refers to the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases in animals.The goals of an ophthalmologist are to improve vision as well as eye comfort.Common dog and cat ophthalmic problems include cataracts, glaucoma, corneal trauma, eyelid and third eyelid abnormalities as well as retinal diseases.Management of these cases can include both medical and surgical options, in many cases using the same techniques developed for human patients.Ophthalmologists use various types of equipment to aid in diagnosis and treatment including electroretinograms to diagnose retinal diseases, ocular ultrasound, operating microscopes for microscopic surgery, phacoemulsification for cataracts, laser treatment for glaucoma and CT or MRI for diseases behind the eye.

Important Information

At this time ophthalmic evaluations are being performed at both our Greenville and Asheville locations. If surgery is necessary it will be performed in our Greenville hospital. Your pet's procedure may or may not be performed on the initial day of your consultation, depending on whether or not additional tests are recommended prior to the procedure.