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Orthopedics is a broad term used to describe the diagnosis and treatment of bone and joint abnormalities. The two most common classes of orthopedic disease we see are fractures and joint disease. Fractures (broken bones) are common occurrences in dogs and cats resulting most frequently from car accidents. The same techniques used by human surgeons are applied to repair fractures in dogs and cats. These include bone plates and screws, pins and wire, interlocking nails, and external devices, such as external fixators and splints. Dogs and cats also frequently develop joint problems; the most common of which are cruciate ligament tears, hip dysplasia, osteochondritis dessicans and patellar luxation. Management of these conditions may require medical or surgical intervention. In some cases we can avoid open surgery and instead opt for a minimally-invasive approach called arthroscopy. In arthroscopy instruments and a tiny camera are passed into the joint through small incisions to perform the procedure.

Important Information

Orthopedic consultations are scheduled at both our Greenville and Asheville locations. If your pet does need surgery it will be performed at our Greenville hospital. Your pet's procedure may or may not be performed on the initial day of your consultation, depending on whether or not additional tests are recommended prior to the procedure. We recommend that you do not feed your pet after 10 pm the night before the appointment in case anesthesia or sedation is required. Water can be given up until the time before your appointment.