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We’ve Never Stopped Caring For Pets

We’ve Never Stopped Caring For Pets Number of Days Upstate Vet Closed During COVID: 0 Number of Days Upstate Vet Closed During Bad Weather: 0 Number of Dedicated Upstate Vet, Greenville Employees It Takes to ...

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5 Signs Your Pet May Be Losing Their Vision

Your house cat or pampered pooch may be many generations from their wild ancestors who hunted for each meal, but they still rely on acute vision to navigate daily life. After all, playing fetch, finding ...

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Charlie’s Cancer Treatment Journal

Pet owners are sometimes hesitant to pursue cancer treatment for their pets for a variety of reasons, such as fearing their pet’s fur will fall out, or they will experience unpleasant side effects. However, veterinary ...

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The Case of the Missing Foreign Body

Did you know that Upstate Vet’s veterinary internal medicine specialists are like medical detectives? They piece together information from a pet’s history and diagnostic tests to uncover a specific diagnosis. Veterinary internists diagnose and manage ...

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