We’ve Never Stopped Caring For Pets

Jul 07, 2021

We’ve Never Stopped Caring For Pets

  • Number of Days Upstate Vet Closed During COVID: 0
  • Number of Days Upstate Vet Closed During Bad Weather: 0
  • Number of Dedicated Upstate Vet, Greenville Employees It Takes to Remain Open 24/7 and Care for Your Pet: 190+
  • Number of Dedicated Upstate Vet, Asheville Employees It Takes to Deliver 6-Day a Week Admissions and Specialty Care for Your Pet: 65+


Compassion Goes Both Ways

We hear your frustrations and want to share some of what goes on behind the scenes.


What You See

Long Wait Times


Behind the Scenes
  • There is a nationwide shortage of trained/qualified veterinary team members. Although this shortage is affecting Upstate Vet as well, we are so fortunate to have such an amazing team to take care of your pet.
  • With the employee shortages, other urgent care/emergency hospitals in both North and South Carolina are limiting their hours or closing their doors. This has led to a greater number of sick pets who are seeking care at Upstate Vet.
  • Upstate Vet employees are working harder than ever to care for hundreds of pets who are accompanied by scared family members.
  • Our team is experiencing:
    • Long phone conversations with family members to explain medical options and help guide difficult decisions.
    • Few and far between food and restroom breaks because the team chooses to care for your pet instead of themselves.
    • Exhaustion and tears because we are trying so hard to help every pet and then we read a negative review about the care we so meticulously provided.


  • Please be kind to us.
  • We’ve never let you down by closing our doors.
  • We put your pet’s care above our own well-being.


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