Our Technology

CT Scanning

CT ScanningCT scanning (sometimes called cat scanning) uses computers and x-ray to create 3-D images of any part of the body. This not only gives us tremendous insight into many diseases but also allows us to more accurately plan surgical or radiation treatments.

Digital Radiography

Digital RadiographyUsing computerized (digital) x-ray rather than conventional x-ray film allows us to immediately consult with other veterinarians anywhere in the world regarding your pet’s condition.


EndoscopyUsing tiny cameras, we can now access many areas of the body, such as the stomach, bladder, and sinuses, to evaluate for any signs of illness and to collect samples without having to perform surgery.


FluoroscopyFluoroscopy allows us to take real-time video x-ray of internal structures. We are able to not only diagnose many motility disorders, but also to operate on many structures with or without incisions.

Minimally Invasive

Minimally InvasiveAs in human medicine, we now can perform many procedures in joints, the chest, or the abdomen through tiny incisions, allowing much more rapid recovery for our patients.

MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging

MRI or Magnetic Resonance ImagingBy applying magnetic forces to the body, MRI provides us with a unique and extremely safe way of evaluating many internal organs, such as the brain, spinal cord, and joints, allowing for much more accurate diagnoses.


UltrasoundUltrasound technology uses sound waves that reflect off of the internal organs creating images. These images allow us to evaluate the structure and function of many internal organs in the abdomen, giving us the ability, in many cases, to determine the cause of disease without having to perform surgery. It is also the diagnostic tool of choice for evaluating heart function.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation TherapyThe use of radiation to treat certain cancers in our pets has dramatically increased survival rates compared to using surgery or chemotherapy alone. In general, pets tolerate radiation therapy remarkably well.