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    Rabies Policy for Upstate Veterinary Specialists

    Animal bites are a common and serious public health problem. Bites can result in transmission of disease including rabies. This document outlines the required management of a dog or cat that has bitten an employee while at UVS. These requirements are based on South Carolina Code of Laws, Title 47 known as the “Rabies Control Act”. Refer to for additional information not covered by this document.

    Rabies Vaccinations:

    A pet owner must have their pet vaccinated against rabies. The rabies vaccine must be given by a licensed veterinarian.

    Reporting to DHEC (Department of Health and Environmental Control):

    All animal bites will be reported to DHEC within 48 hours. The employee that was bitten and the owner of the pet will receive a phone call from DHEC to go over information.

    Mandatory Post-bite Quarantine:

    DHEC requires any dog, or cat which has bitten a person to be quarantined for a minimum of 10 days. This quarantine may be done at a veterinary clinic or at the owner’s home. If quarantined at the owner’s home the pet must be kept indoors at all times other than short leash walks. Quarantined animals may be treated by a veterinarian, but rabies vaccine should not be administered until after the quarantine period is complete. At the end of quarantine the pet should be reexamined by a veterinarian and the results documented.

    Rabies testing:

    Rabies can only be diagnosed by testing an animal’s brain tissue. Unfortunately, if an animal dies or is euthanized before a 10 day quarantine period is over, the animal may need to be tested for the rabies virus. UVS and DHEC (rabies control) will be notified of the pet’s passing and will decide if the animal needs to be tested.

    Current rabies vaccine information is needed, so that our staff can properly handle any potential rabies threat. If vaccine history is unknown please be aware of the potential steps (see above) that will be taken if your pet bites an employee while at UVS.

    I, as the owner or responsible party, agree that the above information is accurate. I have also read and understand the rabies policy of Upstate Veterinary Specialists. I authorize Upstate Veterinary Specialists to administer such treatment as is necessary and is considered therapeutically and/or diagnostically necessary on the basis of findings during the course of the evaluation. I also consent to the administration of such anesthetics as are necessary. I also certify that no guarantee or assurance has been made as to the results that may be obtained. Furthermore, I assume all financial responsibility for charges incurred to the patient, consent to release of medical information, and authorize direct payment to Upstate Veterinary Specialists. I understand that I am liable for all collection costs, up to 100%, incurred for this account.




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