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Digital Radiology

Using computerized (digital) x-ray rather than conventional x-ray film allows us to immediately consult with other veterinarians anywhere in the world regarding your pet’s condition.


Similar to human hospitals, Upstate Vet provides digital radiography services instead of traditional x-ray film. Digitally formatted radiographs allow us to transmit the images to any computer in our Greenville and Asheville locations as well as to radiologists at other locations within seconds. Digital radiography is a much faster process than taking conventional film x-rays, reducing the amount of time and stress on your pet. This technology also provides a dramatic increase in image quality, allowing for more accurate diagnoses. Upstate Vet was the first private specialty hospital in the Carolinas to apply this technology.

Important Information

We recommend that you do not feed your pet after 10pm the night before your pet’s appointment in case anesthesia or sedation is required. Water can be given up until the time of the appointment.

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