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Fluoroscopy allows us to take real-time video x-ray of internal structures. We are able to not only diagnose many motility disorders, but also to operate on many structures with or without incisions.


Fluoroscopy is a method of visualizing internal structures by using X-rays to produce a moving, real-time picture. The continuous flow of x-rays gives us the ability to capture, monitor, replay, and manipulate video of a specific part of the body while it is in motion. At our Greenville hospital, we use a unit called a C-arm to obtain our fluoroscopic images. The C-arm also provides non-surgical options for certain ailments that previously required more invasive procedures.

Some of the fluoroscopic applications in veterinary medicine include minimally invasive fracture repair, intraluminal stenting for the treatment of tracheal collapse, urethral and colonic obstructive disease, vascular procedures, and contrast studies of the gastrointestinal tract.

Fluoroscopic technology enables us to provide your pet with the latest advances in veterinary medicine. These techniques result in decreased discomfort for your pet, a quicker recovery time, and less time spent in the hospital.

Important Information

Consultations for fluoroscopy services are scheduled at our Greenville hospital. Your pet’s procedure may or may not be performed on the initial day of your consultation, depending on whether or not additional tests are recommended prior to the procedure. We recommend that you do not feed your pet after 10pm the night before the appointment in case anesthesia or sedation is required. Water can be given up until your appointment.

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