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Minimally Invasive Procedures

As in human medicine, we now can perform many procedures in joints, the chest, or the abdomen through tiny incisions, allowing much more rapid recovery for our patients.


As in human medicine, many surgical procedures in veterinary medicine are now performed through very small incisions. In many cases, tiny cameras and instruments can be introduced through small incisions to either obtain a biopsy or complete a procedure. The term laparoscopy is used to describe the use of camera-guided procedures in the abdomen, whereas it is termed thoracoscopy if it is performed in the chest cavity. Arthroscopy is the term used to describe minimally invasive surgical procedures involving joints.

Upstate Vet has a complete array of laparoscopic, thoracoscopic, and arthroscopic equipment. A common procedure we perform and an example of this technology is laparoscopically assisted gastropexy. Some large dogs are prone to a potentially fatal condition called gastric volvulus or “bloat.” In this condition, the stomach will rotate into an abnormal position. Using cameras and specially designed tools, the stomach is attached to the body wall to prevent it from rotating in the future.

Important Information

Your pet’s procedure may or may not be performed on the initial day of your consultation, depending on whether or not additional tests are recommended prior to the procedure. We recommend that you do not feed your pet after 10pm the night before the appointment in case anesthesia or sedation is required. Water can be given up until the time before your appointment.

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