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Dr. Heather Duncan,
South Carolina’s first board-certified veterinary dentist.


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Along with practicing advanced dentistry, Heather has a passion for sharing her knowledge and providing collaborative opportunities with referring veterinarians.


Dr. Duncan specializes in:

  • Advanced dental imaging: Dental radiology, CT scans, and MRIs
  • Endodontics: Treatment of fractured teeth/pulpitis, pulp exposure, root canals, crown reductions and tooth abscesses
  • Restorations: Titanium crowns (full coverage and 3/4 crowns), fillings, and composite bonding
  • Oral Surgery: Difficult extractions, jaw fractures, palate defects, oronasal fistulas, oral tumors, maxillectomies, mandibulectomies, and tooth luxations
  • Oral Diseases: Oral manifestations of systemic disease, Stomatitis, feline tooth resorptive lesions and oral autoimmune disorders
  • Periodontics: Treatment of periodontal disease, tooth scaling and polishing, root planing, mucogingival surgery, guided tissue regeneration and bone grafting, and treatment of deciduous teeth to allow for proper eruption of adult teeth
  • Orthodontics: Correction of common malocclusions, orthodontic appliances, bite evaluations, and genetic counseling

Dental Education: Dr. Duncan is always happy to provide assistance in helping you develop your skills and expand Dentistry in your practice. If you are interested in setting up a CE for you and your staff, please let her know.

Please feel free to contact Dr. Duncan with any questions or concerns you may have with your patients via email at hduncan@uvs.cc or phone (864-233-7650).