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How to Avoid a Holiday Pet Emergency

Over the next few weeks, you will fill your home with wonderful cooking aromas, deck the halls with sparkle and cheer, and prepare for family celebrations. Of course, your furry friend will be by your ...

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Dallas’s Donation: Replenishing the Upstate Vet Blood Bank

Have you ever received a blood transfusion? If so, you know that an ample blood supply depends on donors willing to spare their time, and blood, to ensure people can receive this critical treatment. Likewise, ...

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Medical and Radiation Oncology Services for Pet Cancer Treatment

Receiving news that your beloved pet has cancer is devastating, and you naturally want the best medical care available for the journey ahead. Fortunately, Upstate Vet’s oncology department is led by board-certified veterinary oncologists who ...

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Common Eye Problems of Dogs

Your dog’s sight is one of their most important senses, and an eye problem can interfere with their daily activities and comfort, as well as their vision. Upstate Vet’s ophthalmology department has experience in treating ...

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Common Eye Problems of Cats

Whether green, blue, or amber, your cat’s eyes are one of their most important features—and not only for their beauty. Your cat relies on their sight to guide them through the world, help them avoid ...

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Cataracts and Your Pet

Your pet’s eyes are one of their most important organs, and preserving their sight is one of our ophthalmology department’s top priorities. You may not realize that pets can develop many of the same eye ...

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New Technology For Advanced Veterinary Care

Veterinary medicine has become nearly as progressive as human medicine, and advances in technology allow us to offer pets medical care that is similar to the care available at large, human hospitals. As part of ...

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Update on Grain-Free Diets for Pets

New pet foods often mirror human dietary trends, and the recent surge in low-carbohydrate and gluten-free diets is no exception. Grain-free options fill pet store shelves, leaving many pet owners to question whether they should ...

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Calcium Oxylate Stones

Although it has always been common for us to see urolithiasis in our patients, calcium oxalate stones have definitely been increasing in frequency over the past decade. Unfortunately, these stones cannot be dissolved with medical ...

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Iliopsoas Muscle Injury in Dogs

The iliopsoas muscle is formed by the psoas major and iliacus muscles, which mainly arise from the lumbar vertebrae and ilium. They fuse to insert on the lesser trochanter of the femur. This muscle functions ...

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