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Our Cardiology Services include: Cardiac physical examination and evaluation Electrocardiography Echocardiography Holter monitor placement and interpretation Non-invasive blood pressure monitoring Pacemaker implantation (coming soon) Minimally invasive patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) occlusion Balloon valvuloplasty for valve ...

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Critical Care

Our critical care team is trained in veterinary emergency and critical care and provides care for the most severe, life-threatening traumas or diseases. Our primary goal is to provide rapid and efficient stabilization, treatment and ...

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Overview Upstate Vet is happy to provide a variety of canine and feline dental services. Just like in humans, dental health is important to your pet’s overall wellness. If left uncared for, dental problems can ...

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Internal Medicine

Overview Our Internal Medicine Department consists of board-certified specialists trained in the diagnosis and treatment of canine and feline systemic diseases. They specialize in the function of the various body systems including the gastrointestinal, urinary, ...

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Overview Upstate Vet diagnoses and treats a wide variety of canine and feline neurologic conditions and diseases. Dogs and cats can suffer many of the same nervous system, brain, spinal cord, and neuromuscular problems that ...

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Overview Upstate Vet is proud to offer veterinary oncology services in Upstate South Carolina, Western North Carolina, and the surrounding areas. Our oncology team is comprised of board-certified veterinary oncologists who use advanced diagnostics and ...

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Common dog and cat ophthalmic problems include cataracts, glaucoma, corneal trauma, eyelid and third eyelid abnormalities, as well as retinal diseases. Management of these cases can include both medical and surgical options, in many cases ...

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Overview Unfortunately, dogs and cats can require surgery for many reasons. Whether it’s to repair a fractured bone, injured joint, or torn ligament, or to diagnose and/or treat a condition of the organs, our board-certified ...

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